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An A.87-format PCB based on h87a, this PCB includes an "F13" key in the Function row. 

This PCB is not compatible with traditional TKL layouts - the Function row is DIFFERENT.

This is a group buy. 

Start date: September 9, 2019

End date: September 29, 2019

Estimated ship: Early November, 2019

Order placed with fab on Sept. 29, 2019

In-stock units available after the GB orders ship.

This PCB is primarily designed for the TGR Jane V2 CE. Other boards being designed will use it as I’ve released the .step model file for the PCB.

PCB Specs:

  • Thickness: 1.2mm
  • USB Port: Mini B
  • Solder mask color: Matte black
  • Firmware: QMK
    • Based on h87a firmware - h88 firmware will work on h87a, but h87a firmware will not work on h88 (the F13 key will be missing).
  • No RGB underglow
    • The footprints are there - you would need 24x WS2812C in 2020 package to solder them on if you'd like.
  • Stabilizer spacers included - optional to use but can help with stabilizer stability (hehe)

    FR4 Plate Bundles

    I am offering FR4 full- and half-plates to be bundled with the PCB - these will ship together. The plates are designed for the TGR Jane V2 CE of course, I am not sure if other boards in IC or design phase will be compatible. This would be a question for the individual designers, and I will let them answer it.

    The plates themselves will be added as an in-stock item for separate purchase once the GB/bundle numbers are finalized.