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hiney tkl one group buy info

The group buy spots will be based on a raffle. There will be two 10-minute-long time periods for entry. These time periods will be spaced 10 hours apart to ensure that people from all over the world may enter.

Date: June 21, 2020
Entry Period 1: 10:00 AM-10:10 AM EST - Check your time here:
Entry Period 2: 8:00 PM-8:10 PM EST - Check your time here:


This raffle will be limited to one entry per household. If you enter multiple times I reserve the right to disqualify you from this buy, as well as all future hiney product runs. Any attempt to circumvent this rule will result in the same thing, and I will be really annoyed so please just don't.


Please use an email address that you use regularly for communication, as I will be sending winner notifications and Shopify invoices as well as updates and news to it.

Number of Slots

There are 45 slots to be raffled off. What you enter in the form should reflect what you desire in the end. Once winners are notified and invoices are sent out, I will allow a 24-hour grace period to adjust/change/drop out. All communications to change your order must be made via email at .

Editing your order and Payment

I will allow 72 hours for payment completion (if you need more time please email me at and we can work it out). If you don't email me to work it out and haven't paid within 72 hours of getting your invoice, the invoice will be cancelled and the next person on the winners' list will get your spot instead.


Shipping invoices will be calculated and sent at the time of shipment and no shipping costs will be included in the initial invoice. Please make sure you include a regularly-used email address in your entry form, as said above. All domestic, US-based addresses will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. All international orders will be shipped via DHL Express. The customer will be responsible for all shipping costs, including import fees.

The color options will be gold and black. I will offer both WKL (blocked) and winkey (no blockers) for the top layout.

$505 USD for one (1) case + one (1) PCB. You will be required to choose one plate (options below) and will have an option to purchase one additional plate. There will also be an opportunity to order extra h87c-hsp PCBs. I will have the extra plates/PCBs up after the buy ships.

Plate options

  • FR4 Full - matte black (+$25)
  • FR4 Half - matte black (+$25)
  • Brass Full - clear coated (+$35)
  • Aluminum Full - black anodized (+$35)
  • Polycarbonate Full - clear coated (+$35)
  • FR4 - Full - Alps - WKL/Tsangan - matte black (+$25)

Extra PCBs will be $48 USD each.

num one info

There is an option to also add a num one (offered in the same colors as tkl one) to your order. If you say you want one you will be led to that form within the tkl one form, if not you will skip that section. I will also post a separate GB form for those interested in only the num one. Keep in mind that the num one will only be offered in gold and black, just like the tkl one.

num one pricing

$175 (case + 1 PCB + 1 plate). Plate options are FR4 and Aluminum. Extra plates are $20 and extra PCBs are $25.

There will be a maximum of 60 num one slots given, including those who win the opportunity to buy them via raffle - so basically, if there are X tkl one winners who want a num one, 60-X slots will be available from the dedicated num one raffle.

Payment Info

Please note that my storefront does not accept PayPal due to their very annoying refund policy as well as their anti-group buy stance on funds release. If you secure a spot and MUST use PayPal, please contact me via email ( and we will work it out. I would much prefer that you can find an alternative means of payment that doesn't involve PayPal.

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